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  • VZX-CO ·
    Hi Peter:

    Good to see you back on here. I don’t think it was me. I gave up ripping CD’s. Just didn’t seem worth it and even after I had the usb cable problem fixed I had problems with the system losing all song and sort info.

    Peter ·
    Hey there! Quick question - I seem to remember long ago (over a year) that you had put together a post of best practices for ripping CDs/importing media to the ICTP Media Library, but I can't find it in the forum. Does this ring any bells, or am I totally imagining it? Just trying to track down the impact of undocumented etc. like "Correct Song Information" etc.

    Thanks in advance,
    jezmond17S ·
    I have been reading alot of your threads and I have a question for you.

    My wife has a 2017 fpace S with now 25926 miles on it... 6 weeks ago i pulled off the summer wheels and noticed the rear brakes were extremely low... having about 3k left on the pads, have you seen this or heard of this on this model?
    i spoke with corporate this am after i dropped it off for service ( 6 week wait).

    any info i would appreciate

    thank you,
    aydnap ·
    Thanks again! Yes, I'm coming up on my 2nd annual checkup and just scheduled an appointment at Stevinson. Will definitely ask for Tim.
    aydnap ·
    Greetings, friend. I just moved to the Denver area from Austin, TX a few weeks ago. She was a fantastic companion on the epic road trip here, but it's been a while since I've shown my BRG FPace some love and would surely appreciate some tips from a resident expert. Do you have any recommendations on places to get her detailed - preferably hand wash? I also received a nice warm welcome to CO from a local driver who thought it would be nice to spray my fpace with some of the pebbles in his tires - any recommendations on shops that can do an OEM replacement of my heated windshield?

    DenverSeth ·
    Which detail shop are you referring to in your post? I have heard that Colorado Detail is great - they do Opti Coat Pro Plus or CQuarts Finest. The former has a 7-year warranty and is a bit cheaper; the latter is only a 2 year warranty but is supposed to be thicker and glossier. I was quoted $1,895 for the Opti Coat, including all rims/calipers. He quoted me $450 for ceramic tint and said he'd need to see the sunroof before quoting that for tint. I didn't choose a PPF package; I don't need the full hood if I get the Opticoat; I don't think the back end of the hood will see much damage. The only reason I'd get the whole hood done is to hide the line, but it's expensive. I was thinking of doing custom PPF installation with 18'' hood, full front bumper and fenders, and behind the door handles. I'll have splash guards installed so I am not too worried about the rear fenders.
    Hockey3081 ·
    Thanks for the clarification. I assumed they were different things but I was confused why the InControl wouldn't set up and the Sim just kept reading.

    I picked up the car at the end of the day and he tried a few times. He said he was going to have his guy who helps you get familiar with the car try when he came to see me. With that being said, he used a PC; I used my phone. With that being said, I haven't received any emails from Jaguar.
    Hockey3081 ·
    Hey there - I've seen your posts have been pretty insightful. I thought I recall you saying you sell/service Jags?

    Was curious if you could point me in the right direction regarding setting up InControl Remote. My sales guy tried at the dealership to no avail and I just tried to confirm the vehicle and eventually the light stops flashing in the car and nothing happens on the webpage. I've tried pushing that button 3x tonight.

    I also tried to turn on the mobile data in the car and it just kept saying "reading sim". Is that reliant upon the InControl remote being set up first?

    Turbodog ·
    Perfect, thanks so much. I live out in the boonies on 7 acres so I have all the room in the world to wash. Yard work is a beast though. :)
    Turbodog ·
    Hey, I hope you don't mind me sending you a message, but I was curious if you have the deployable side steps. I saw your comment about them being hard to clean and wanted to ask, but I didn't want to sidetrack that thread.

    I'm considering having them installed by my dealer so I can put bikes on top, and would be interested in your feedback overall if you have them. I have miles of water hose and a free water supply, so if cleaning them is the only big issue then I might go ahead.

    Apollya ·
    Hey VZX-CO,

    I'm a member over at the UK forums I've been lurking around here and done a lot of reading, but just registered here too.

    I wanted to thank you for the letter template you've created, i know it's been used by others who are members both here and on the UK forums too.

    I've shamelessly ripped off your letter and edited to be generic for Uk market. However, I wanted to ask for you permission to post it on our site prior to doing so, you are of course welcome to post it as a UK version here too. The vast majority is just language and grammar differences, however I've added in some other issues which we've seen reported by several members. I still reference this in the letter but have added the UK site too.

    Let me know what you think.

    Drop box link to Edited UK version of letter


    Apollya (Ross)
    martinPL ·
    another flaky 3G owner here. If you would be so kind and share your workaround I'd greatly appreciate
    Cheers and happy New year
    PA-FPace-F ·
    So I went out into the garage to check my gaiters and I'm glad I did. They weren't change and they are fine, but the underside of my car is covered in transmission fluid just like the transmission fluid leak post that we saw back in August I think. If I took pictures it would look identically to his situation. Off to the Dealer tomorrow, they'll fix it, hopefully the trans won't be damaged any.

    I'm not posing this out there since it will start that quality thing all over again, but I would suggest you check underneath your vehicle if you start smelling burning fluid. I thought was just my Quicksilver Exhaust starting to set in, but unfortunately not.
    ExOz ·
    Realize you have mostly checked out of this forum. A shame, but can't say that I blame you! The kinder-garden seems to have taken over. You are however obviously still monitoring new posts.

    Any chance to get your experience on my thread today "Phone Contact List - Android". Realize you are an I Phone guy, but still, any light you could shed would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance.
    PA-FPace-F ·
    i'm going to give it a shot, just a bit worried, that it is so low.

    I actually hit a really bumpy section of road today during my test ride with the Zubie, which I wasn't connected to with Wifi at the time. And for the first time in 2 days my 3G indicator went to ... and then C and the /. It stayed that way until I got home, which was about 2 miles. I pulled the card and put one more piece of tape on it, and plan to do a test drive after the football game today over that same section of road. If it doesn't work, I'm not going to go any further with the tape approach because I don't want to damage the holder. I'm pretty sure our issue with losing connectivity has to do with a badly designed SIM tray that can't take vibrations well. It's loses connectivity during bumpy times and then has to go back into it's reconnect SIM Reread sequence.
    theweeb ·
    I had the feeling, ever since I started working with them maintaining my other Jaguar, that they totally favored the Porsche line. The Enterprise guy who shuttled me from the dealer to the rental location took me in a horribly dirty Jaguar sedan, huge windshield crack, smelled of mold. Though I never did get a loaner, it left me with a bad impression regarding Enterprise, which you have confirmed. Shame on the scratch as well.

    Have you had any issues with the adaptive cruise? Last night, taking family to the Swallow Hill Music Hall for a show, I thought I would show off the ACC and how much I trusted it to come to a complete stop. Well, in town running down Sheraton Ave, set it at 37 mph. Coming up to a light, it started to slow as the traffic ahead was stopped, but then suddenly accelerated. I got an immediate "Driver intervention required" warning and had to hit the brakes pretty hard to avoid hitting the stopped traffic ahead of me.
    Hansenj21 ·
    Hi there, which dealer are you working with in Denver? Just curious, I am in Denver too.

    Loved your sheet to send to the dealer before taking ownership
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