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  • Florida guy ·
    My concealed holster location question post was deleted as it was outside of the guidelines of some. Was your comment expressing that, or did you have a suggestion?
    JDNY ·
    Hi Trek. I would like to post something - my 3 week new F-Pace was hit and wanted to put on forum with pics but not familiar with how to do that. I have only posted comments to other threads/posts. I have seen so much on this forum from you and was hoping you could help. Thanks.
    carnut ·
    hey Trek, got a quick question for you on your previous Lexus. I recall you mentioning in one of the threads that you had to extend your Lexus lease for a few months until your f-pace arrived. Can you let me know how to go about this and the price paid for extending? Is it the same as your monthly lease?

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