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  • VZX-CO ·
    Tom at Stevinson apologized profusely for the dirty ass Enterprise rental I got stuck with. Said they are soon getting something like 6 XE loaners for Jaguar customers. Said they've been caught off guard by increase in Jaguar volume (F-Pace, XF) and prior to now Porsche owners took precedence for loaners, Porsche first, then a Jag if no Porsche available. In midst of revamping all that so Jaguar customers get Jaguar loaners. They put a small scratch in my door putting on side steps but immediately said they'd fix it next time vehicle comes in.
    KKPat ·
    Hi theweeb,

    I am planning to color my R-sport break calipers to Red. Can you please send me close up picture of your S model's calipers so I can compare with it and decide which areas get red paint? Thank you bunch.
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