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  • davidgold ·
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    KKPat ·
    Hi Peter,

    I am planning to color my R-sport break calipers to Red. Can you please send me close up picture of your S model's calipers so I can compare with it and decide which areas get red paint? Thank you bunch.
    dreman07 ·
    I just saw this message here, I'm not exactly sure how this system works. I thought I had sent you a "private message" but it seems like this is a visitor message and I didn't get any notification. Anyways, my email address is: [email protected]

    When is the anticipated delivery date for this vehicle?
    Peter ·
    Oops Totally missed that! Glad you reached out. Unfortunately the "last modification date" has passed :( If you would like, I can send you the spec of the car on order, and you can see if you are interested. I can the switch it over to you. I agree - a cross country trip would be an amazing way to break it in! I am trying to come up with a road trip idea as an excuse once mine arrives (I am still getting one - I just have 2 on order due to a really weird set of circumstances).

    Let me know your email, and I will send over the spec sheet!
    dreman07 ·
    Hi Peter. We've exchanged some messages on the forum pages but I thought I would contact you directly. I commented on a post regarding you ordering 2 F-Pace S's and not taking possession of one of them and I'm not sure if you saw it or just ignored it. Regardless, I hope I am not offending you but I thought I would ask again. I'm located in Ontario but I will be visiting BC in July. If you are not buying one of the S's you ordered, can you revise that order to match my build? I can time my trip to BC so that I pick up the car and drive it back to Ontario! What better way to break in the engine and see the rest of the country! Would you be open to this? Thanks in advance.
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