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  • VZX-CO ·
    You should have received a setup email from Jaguar by time you showed up at dealer to pick up vehicle. Make sure the dealer has all your correct contact info in jaguar's system. The intitital account setup has to be done on a PC. I guess you probably haven't seen the pre delivery customer to dealer letter we all crowd created on here have you?
    VZX-CO ·
    The SIM in the center console is separate from the car's core internal communications channel that runs remote, jaguar assist and the emergency button and other critical stuff. The sim in the console (or in some vehicles the rear) runs the owner ATT account initially. That communications channel provides internet connectivity for traffic, navigation search and stuff like that.

    I assume you got an email from Jaguar at purchase asking you to setup an InControl account and you did so through a computer, not a phone for initial setup and then you entered that account info in vehicle and in the Jaguar InControl Remote app on phone? Not to be too confusing, and that's separate from the ATT freebie account you should also have got an email about and that would be linked to the sim.

    The dealer should not have let you leave until this wall all working.

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