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  • JPace ·
    I hope you can give me some suggestions. (GRVR advice )
    Here is my post.
    Still searching for the car, need advice for better negotiating. Most offers, were downright laughable- $ 500-1000 off MSRP- that is if I actually get a response.
    So if MSRP on my build is 57500 and car on a lot is around 62500- which includes options I want(3100), options I 'll live it (difficult to find without)) and add ons I do not want ( various convenience packs etc-(1750). What would be my target price?Where does the incentive come in play?
    Any current info on Philly area/ or Baltimore area.

    The best discount i was offered was $ 2500 off MSRP dealer discount and $ 2500 current jag. incentive.
    thisistheedge ·
    Hey.....yes, we use scopolamine patches all the time. If the literature is to be believed, around 5% of people will have some visual side effects (although in that same study, 2.5% of people had visual side effects with placebo). Usually it's limited to some mildly blurry vision that goes away within a few hours---your reaction sounds a little worse than that!
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