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Wanted:- Android Auto Expert/Enthusiast

Given the palpable anticipation on this form for both Carplay and Android Auto, we were most please to now have Android Auto up and running. However I know next to nothing about it.

After "playing" for a day or so, I am a little underwhelmed. With the F Pace ICTP system:-

I find the texting function works excellently

like @PA-FPace-F , in my opinion, the graphics in the ICTP navigation screen are far superior and although Google Maps is great, I have yet to find a Nav system after many years that I will not second-guess … so ICTP works well for us

the small screen that comes with Android Auto is clearly inferior

using all the phone functions is as easy as falling off a log, with cleaner graphics than Android Auto

my music is on the Media Library which I can navigate comfortably.

That takes me to "OK Google", which is obviously a super feature. BUT there must be more to it than that.

So, an appeal to all Android Auto gurus out there, please use this thread to enlighten us on how to get the most out of this feature, that so many have been pining for, for the last two years.

Thanks in advance.

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Good questions. Not to hijack your thread, but I'd be interested in a corollary question: is Waze now supported through Android Auto? I agree with you on Google Maps being inferior to the standard Jaguar maps. But Waze traffic avoidance continues to be better than the traffic avoidance in the Jag.

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@ExOz Android Auto provide easy access to the music, messaging and mapping services on your phone and projects the onto your car screen. There's not much more to it. You can have messages read aloud to you by the system and easily respond to them all by voice across multiple messaging systems, such as WhatsApp, not just SMS. Many like to easily stream music from their favorite streaming service versus loading music onto their car and many consider Google Maps the best in mapping and navigation, especially compared to many built-in auto navigation systems.

After watching DPinTX's Android Auto tutorial I was disappointed to see that the AA implementation doesn't utilize the full ICTP screen. If I still used Android I would be so disappointed in the implementation, happy to have it, but so sad at the same time. CarPlay uses almost all of the screen, it seems that Android Auto only support certain resolutions at particular aspect ratios.

I agree that the UI elements and rendering is really good on ICTP, I have just had less confidence in it lately with some of its routing. I'm still on the 2.5 update so maybe 18C plus the latest maps really has improved the routing algorithm.
@Hoopics Waze support was added to Android Auto last year. You can't control it with the system voice commands, only Google Maps is reserved for that as far as I know. But you can enter the app and use the microphone in the Waze UI to give the Waze app commands for searching and navigation. That's similar to CarPlay where system voice navigation commands only support Apple Maps, but users can still load up Google Maps or Waze and search local to the app for routing/search/navigation.
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Thanks @Gorgon for your prompt and detailed response.

After "playing" a bit more and digesting your input I must say: "if that's all there is ….. !"

In my opinion, potential users would be well advised to explore the functionality and especially the UI before getting too excited. Just a "mirroring" of exceedingly simplistic and poorly rendered phone images, using about 60% of the F Pace screen. I agree, it is indeed very disappointing.

As to the routing prowess, yes Google Maps is hard to beat, but as I said, I have yet to meet a Nav system that I have not second-guessed many a time, including Google.

Thanks again.

Would still appreciate any and all experts/enthusiasts to chime in with insights to what we might be missing.

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I think Waze is just as good as Gmaps…. For example in our area today Garth Brooks is playing at ND stadium and they are advertising locally that the Waze app and only the Waze app with tell you what parking is available, how full it is, and direct you to the closest and best parking as it fills, all in real time. That's pretty hard to beat....

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Originally Posted by stbentoak View Post
I think Waze is just as good as Gmaps…. For example in our area today Garth Brooks is playing at ND stadium and they are advertising locally that the Waze app and only the Waze app with tell you what parking is available, how full it is, and direct you to the closest and best parking as it fills, all in real time. That's pretty hard to beat....

WAZE is owned by google maps, they pull there real time data from the same source.

I have noticed on both CarPlay and Android Auto that if I use the Jagaur Nav with my Live data enabled I get the same routing and traffic data.

It seems on the screen size of AA that’s a limitation of the AA software not the ICTP, so there might be help for that in a android update. There seems to be fewer options with Android Auto, when I used it with my Samsung Galaxy 8s it only gives me a few apps to use. I have mostly the same apps on both. Not having either of these options before only seeing them in friends cars I was not sure what to expect and might have built up expectations that were never possible. The main focus seems to be on making a phone call, get and responding to text messages and getting music. I now have more ways to get Music then is really needed.

AM radio
FM radio
DBA radio
Sirius XM radio
IHeart radio

These are all available on the ICTP it’s just now all in one spot with the Smartphone Pack

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A forum post should be long enough to cover the subject yet short enough to generate interest.

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Well, so much for a roaring AA endorsement from the Forum crowd. For me, after a week or so, certainly not an expert and a far cry from an enthusiast. A few observations:-

Here’s how it works (I think) …. for visual reference, think of the native ICTP home screen as three macro-tiles, one each for the Nav, Media & Phone modules.

Once AA is installed and connected (which shuts out IC Apps – you can’t have both at the same time), an AA icon appears on the phone macro-tile (as well as the main horizontal menu ribbon) and AA totally usurps the ICTP Phone module. Touch this tile and it takes you to the AA window which uses only about 60% of the screen. In contrast, both NAV and Media are unaffected and do co-exist with AA … i.e. touching the Nav or Media macro-tile lets you still use the ICTP nav & media modules unchanged, even when AA is activated.

The AA screen and functions
As shown on the video from @DPinTX , the reduced AA screen then offers icons for nav, media, phone, and return to ICTP, as well as a mic for voice commands. Voice commands can also be invoked with a long press of the steering wheel button. Basically, the Google functionality of your Android phone is now available from this screen.

Experience and IMO’s so far
By using the total screen, windows in the native ICTP are far superior to AA for all modules. The difference is further magnified when contrasted with the simplistic image rendering, graphics and overall UI presented by AA.

AA’s Media capability makes for easy music streaming. ICTP now also has on-line media as well as Spotify etc. I’ve not found a way for AA to access the HDD Media Library and (I’m being repetitive) the music graphics (album art etc.) and UI of the ICTP module are clearly superior. The AA media module does not show non phone-sourced media details even when those sources are playing, nor let you easily change radio stations etc.

The Phone module in AA allows free-form-speech text messages and replies, whereas ICTP can only initiate/reply with pre-defined (supplied and personalized) responses. After a year or so, I’ve found ICTP texting to be more than adequate, but clearly free-form might be better (have not been able to get that to work yet). One other plus for AA here, is the display of contacts. ICTP has trouble handling contacts without a <name> field, i.e. only <organization> filled in, as you might have for many businesses. AA includes <organization> in its alphabetic listing whereas ICTP shows all such entries (with blank name fields) numerically by phone # at the beginning of the contacts list with only the phone numbers showing (pretty poor). AA does not allow scrolling through your contacts while moving; a safety feature to be sure although my passengers have benefitted from being able to look up a contact in ICTP while “on-the-way”.

Have already commented in the earlier post on Navigation differences/preferences being largely personal. As @DPinTX states, source data for traffic etc. is common to many. Given the screen and visual compromises of AA for this function, the ICTP UI, maps, sub-menus, waypoints etc. are way superior IMO. Even the voice commands are hard to fault; you can’t get simpler than saying “125 Main St. Mytown” and get a near instant response.

Needless to say, OK Google provides great features and really shows up the feeble IC Apps available presently. Sort of sums up my current overall opinion. If this one function could be separately merged with the native ICTP Nav, Media & Phone modules it would be a winning combination. Whether getting to it by having to go through the current AA framework is worthwhile, remains to be seen, for this lad anyway.

More to explore and always ready to learn more and hear other POV’s or things that have been missed.

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A few more observations after another week:-

For the time being, have found that the best parts of ICTP and AA can run as copasetic partners.

Like @VZX-CO mentioned in his post about Carplay, I have also "still used ICTP navigation" … it co-exists well with AA and I prefer many of its attributes.

Similarly, ICTP media works well for the media library I have "imported" as well as for managing my previous favorite FM broadcasts and USB connected sources etc. When I want to access on-line sources like "Amazon Music", I can use AA.

If it's not obvious, the voice button, allows a simple switch between the two "systems". AA commands are invoked through a long press, whereas a short press brings up the usual ICTP voice prompt. So, even when my screen is showing an AA window, short-press voice <go home> etc. will set an ICTP navigation route to home (or whatever address declared) and change the screen to the ICTP nav screen. Similarly, <play album> gets me back to the ICTP media screen with the appropriate audio playing. Conversely, a long press, switches the screen to AA, even from the native ICTP windows, where <OK Google, how may grams in a pound> etc. will get me an answer. Note, the screen does NOT then switch back.

So, still "on the fence" about totally embracing AA for everything, but certainly things are working well together.

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Given no other insights, hints or ah-ha's from this forum, I conclude there are few if any AA enthusiasts here. Well, after another week trying to ferret out any further hidden pearls, unfortunately I can not report the same delight for AA, as @VZX-CO has shown in his posts about Carplay.

As I've outlined earlier, AA works well as your primary interface, or, within the ICTP framework taking over the Phone module. Thus I have had the two systems running "together" quite smoothly (an ICTP/AA combination with ICTP modules for nav & media, AA for phone … see earlier post) while learning more about AA.

So with this "combination", I get the superior UI of ICTP and can use the more versatile free-form-speech "send" text function in AA (as well as "OK Google" etc.). Ironically it's a texting shortcoming that makes this "ICTP/AA combination" troublesome. Here's why:-

1 … when a normal phone call comes in, the ICTP/AA setup seamlessly switches to the AA module, to answer the call etc. etc. … all is well!

2 … when a text comes in, THERE IS NO NOTIFICATION, audio or visual, UNLESS you already happen to have AA on your screen - then you get an audio signal and a short visual; so you will NOT see/hear anything until next time you switch to AA..... all is NOT well!

Unless I'm missing a setting somewhere, this seems a critical omission in AA. I will thus stick to ICTP for all modules and manually switch to AA (through the Extra Features menu) only if/when I want to use a function that is unique to AA. One would hope AA will be further developed, eliminating the draw-back of the reduced screen, get a better UI as well as smoothing any functional hiccups.

FWIW, and please, if you know stuff not already posted here, enlighten us.
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Strange because now that you mention it, in CarPlay when a text comes in and one is in CarPlay interface the CarPlay form of text notification shows - a drop down notice from top of screen, one can then respond to text. When in regular ICTP mode the ICTP form of text message notification box shows and ICTP will read out the text. Strange AA is different, must be an AA thing versus a Jaguar implementation thing.

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